With passion toward perfection

The history of our studio dates to 1980s when a small upholstery shop was set up in the outbuilding of a tenement house in the centre of Bydgoszcz. From the very beginning the main goal was to provide the best quality and uncompromising solutions. Our overriding feature has always been listening to people. People who are extraordinary. Our wonderful suppliers, outstanding specialists in their fields, chosen by us very carefully. Listening to our customers and their unique ideas, which we are happy to realize.With years of experience, we can prepare unusual and perfectly tailored furniture.

We react very quickly and have been following global trends for years, so we are happy to say that we are the leader in electric folding armchair solutions in Poland. We successfully introduce this solution to cinemas and homes.

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What matters is the effect

The effect. In the end, that is all that matters. The effect is your satisfaction. The effect is a product that serves its purposes and the image of it. The effect is our satisfaction. It is the energy to create more projects, to look for more unconventional solutions. It is a motor for continuous improvement. We know how to achieve it.

producent mebli kinowych


We are mostly visual. The furniture needs to appeal to us! It must encourage us to use it. The design itself must give a feeling of comfort. Therefore, in addition to our designs, we give you freedom of your own creation. It's your armchair after all!


When tempted by design we decide to sit in it, the comfort must transfer us to another world. Let us rest. Provide support us in the right spot and let go in another. It is tailor-made.


No one knows if it is okay, but we get used to things by nature. Especially when they're good. We do not want to part with our favourite items. That is why it is so important that they are durable and give years of the same satisfaction as on the first day.

meble do kina domowego


Perfection in every inch

Fotele z Henry Seating wspaniale skomponowały się z moją salką kinową. Najchętniej w ogóle bym z niej nie wychodził:)

Komfort i jakość wykonania!

Komfort i jakość wykonania! Wszystko z najwyższej półki i to wyprodukowane w Polsce!


Nie wiedziałem, że w Polsce jest producent tak niezwykłych foteli. Polecam!


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