Private Cinema Catterick

Private cinema in the UK. An armchair perfectly matched to the interior. The project was about a modern yet unobtrusive armchair. A model with straight lines and minimalist design while maintaining comfort and functionality. The challenge was very little space for the recliner due to shallow steps. Despite these adversities, it was possible, and the armchairs have been placed in the hall of a great cinema. The rest of the rows were complemented by our sofas. Thus, an original interior was created, tailored to almost every taste.[modula id="210"]

meble do kina domowego

Boutique cinema in Jarosław

The VIP zone of the boutique cinema in Jarosław in the Podkarpacie region. The owners wanted to implement their idea for a special comfort zone to provide their viewers with maximum comfort. As we started our cooperation at a very early stage, we managed to save a lot of space and we could use the largest possible model! The zone is already very popular.

kanapy kinowe

Our first cinema couch

Our first cinema couch. A great idea to combine a living room with a home cinema. The design of the house had no area for a separate cinema room. Besides, the owner of the facility is a very sociable man and prefers to have everyone close to him while watching his favourite films, yet he does not want to give up on his cinema comfort. A completely innovative electrically extendable armrest adds taste and quintessence to this project.

producent foteli kinowych

Boutique cinema near Breda

At the end of 2018, we equipped our recliners in a private cinema near Breda.. Finished in black eco leather, they fit perfectly with the rocker armchairs installed in the cinema. The premium zone looks great. In this case, these were two-motor seats with independent footrest and backrest adjustment. In addition, the chairs were upgraded with a USB charger and a spectacular blue back light.

Normobaric healing chambers

An extraordinary place needs an extraordinary setting! The extraordinary history of the development of normobaric healing chambers has charmed us. We remember perfectly well the first phone call about this chamber and the words "We will heal people together". Well, maybe not so literally in our case, but providing comfort to all those who heal and strengthen in the normobaric chamber. We encourage you to read about this topic because it is an unusual kind of therapy that was created in Poland!

kanapa kinowa

Cinema couch

Great idea and high-precision craftsmanship! Our client came up with an idea to create a cinema couch, i.e. to combine the comfort of a cinema recliner with a couch in a large room. Due to the lack of space at home for a special cinema room, he decided to create a substitute for the cinema in his living room. So, we combined 3 twin-engine recliners together with a chaise longue. The design is a compromise between a cinema chair and a couch. It turned out great! It's the best proof that a recliner doesn't have to be in leather or eco leather. The furniture is finished with an easy to clean and soft to the touch fabric. It is fully customized. In Henry Seating it is possible!

Helios Dream

Helios Dream - our greatest pride. We are happy to be part of such a phenomenal and innovative project as Helios Dream. Through the cooperation of all industries and excellent coordination we managed to achieve, we are not afraid to say it - the best cinemas in Poland. Great Dolby Atmos sound, 4K image from Christie and armchairs from special Henry Seating line. The armrests are fitted with ultra-durable ABS cupholders and innovative popholders, so that both drinks and popcorn or nachos have a safe place. And now this great cinema atmosphere is available for you in the comfort of your own home! We kindly invite you to contact us.


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